Mr Quan Chun Wang awarded for New Zealand top 10 Chinese economic figure and outstanding entrepreneur

Mr Wang Quan Chun is a famous Chinese businessman in the aspect of fast food chain stores, with his idea of ‘from country to city’. He succeeded in establishing 62 chain stores, one factory and one importing company in only seven years. From Whangari to Invercargill, He has provided more than 50 business owners and 300 job positions in various cities of New Zealand.
He succeeded in his chain management policy, establishing and developing his brand. He managed to lead Chinese brand into foreign markets, winning good reputation.
Before coming to New Zealand, Mr Wang built his career in Australia. He created his NOODLE PARADISE brand with his wonderful cooking in various Aisan gourement, including China, India and Malaysia. He developed his unique operating mode, combining Aisan government with western fastfood chain stores. In 2005, he came to Hamilton, New Zealand, bringing his first NOODLE CANTEEN, which received amazing feedback form local government and residence. Even the President also came to his NOODLE CANTEEN and gave high prasal.
Besides his great success in business, Mr Wang also has made huge contribution to social responsibility. For these years, he is playing an active part in Chinese activities, paying deep attention to residential problems, and 
making meaningful donation to people in disaster areas. In Year 2009, Mr Wang was rewarded “Chinese Venture Model” by Chinese Commercial Cooperation (Beijing) Forum Organizing Committee.
His success was interviewed and reported by NZ TV One and CCTV4.
In accordance with this assessment committee, Mr Wang Quanchun can be approved in meeting the following criteria:
1. outstanding success in business growing;
2. outstanding success in marketing and sales;
3. outstanding success in company management;
4. outstanding achievement in company's social responsibility.
After the above consideration, we have the honor to issue the New Zealand Award to Mr Wang Quanchun!
Our sincerest congratulations to Mr Wang Quanchun!

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